Sweet birthday gift with your own hands

Such a gift will be happy, both a child and an adult. Make it not difficult, but the delight of the birthday is guaranteed.
You will need:

- sweets

- gift cards

- Super glue

- pot

- floristic foam (can be replaced with foam or synthetic padding)

- artificial moss or grass

- skewers

1. Glue the skewers to sweets and gift cards.

2. Place the foam, foam or sintepon in the pot.

3. Cover the foam with artificial moss or grass.

4. Start to insert the skewers with sweets in the foam (place the largest gift in the back and then distribute the gifts in size throughout the pot)

Coffee cup

Such a gift will love any fan of coffee. If you are not familiar with the technique of decorating coffee beans, you can read about how to make a coffee tree and coffee baobab.

You will need:

- coffee mug

- coffee beans

- cotton pads

- white thread

- brown acrylic paint

- glue (hot or superglue)

1. Glue cotton pads to the circle. It should be covered with cotton pads the entire surface of the mug.

2. Wind a cup with a thread.

3. Apply a brown acrylic paint (over cotton pads and thread).

4. Now start sticking coffee beans. To avoid empty seats, glue the cup with two layers of grains.

5. Decorate your cup with ribbon or lace.

Coffee heart

You will need:
- paper
- wire
- coffee beans
- cardboard
- glue
- a thread
- iron can
- jute thread
- sponge
- decorative flowers and ribbons
- brown paint
1. Prepare a sheet of paper, fold it in half and draw half of the heart on one side. Cut a paper heart around the contour.
2. Put the paper heart on the cardboard and circle it, then cut out the heart from cardboard. Repeat for the second cardboard heart.
3. Prepare 2 wires and wrap them in paper.
4. Glue the wire to the heart.
5. Prepare cotton pads and stick them in several layers between two cardboard hearts to create volume.
6. After you have a volumetric heart, dab it with cotton pads and wrap it with a thread.
7. Paint the heart brown and glue the coffee beans.
8. Prepare an iron jar and glue ice cream sticks around it.
9. Wrap the jute thread wires that are glued to the heart.
10. Insert the sponge into the pot, and insert the coffee heart into it.

Silhouette on canvas
You will need:

- canvas

- old magazines

- scissors

- glue (preferably glue for decoupage - in this example it is Mod Podge)

- acrylic paint

1. First, cut the old magazines into small pieces (you can attract children - they will like it). Of course, the more colorful the magazine page, the better.

* Do not worry if something is not very even glued, irregularities are even welcome.

3. When everything is stuck, leave the canvas to dry.

4. Prepare the desired silhouette (in this example, a bird in a tree). To make a silhouette, just draw it on cardboard or thick paper and cut it out.

5. Put the silhouette on the canvas and circle it with a pencil or felt-tip pen.

6. Now cover everything except the silhouette with acrylic paint.